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What municipal officials need to know about water protection.

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Award Winning Program

Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence

Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence

2009 Sustainable Communities - Water
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Have confidence in your water

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As a well owner, you want your water to be clean, clear and safe for your family to drink. Your water may look clean and clear, but how can you be confident that it is safe?  

While regular testing is important, you can prevent problems and protect the quality of your well water through proper maintenance.

We can help. Well Aware will help you identify potential risks to your well and will give you the necessary knowledge to properly maintain the water
quality of your well. 

Be Well Aware

As a private well owner, it is your job to be well aware – to understand the basics of well maintenance and operation, and to take the necessary actions to keep your water wells in safe running order.

What is Well Aware?

Well Aware is a program of Green Communities Canada that encourages Ontario's residential well owners to protect their wells and our common groundwater supplies.

Since 2001, we have helped more than 3,900 Ontarians to gain confidence in the management of their wells and to protect their family’s drinking water. An additional 217,000 residents have benefited from our Well Aware booklet, “A Guide to Caring for your Well.”

Who are Green Communities?

Green Communities are community-based non-profit organizations that deliver innovative environmental programs and services with a focus on household and community action. We have been delivering Well Aware to rural Ontario well owners since 2001.

Lend your support

Well Aware relies on financial support from the Ontario Ministry of Environment.  Help ensure the continuation of Well Aware in your community.  Send a letter of support and remind the decision makers that our water and this program are valuable and worthwhile.