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Quotation: We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one. - Jacques Cousteau

Well Aware needs your support! Spread the word to government officials to show them the value that this program has across the province. It is also an opportunity to thank them for their past support. Sending this letter reminds decision makers that this program is valuable and worthwhile.

Municipal officials can make a difference by playing a lead role in protecting the shared groundwater in your community by helping rural land owners to properly manage and maintain their wells.

Local Happenings:

FREE workshop: Save our Shorelines! Saturday, July 9th, 2011,Crows Landing. Learn about algal blooms in the Kawartha Lakes, the role that natural shorelines play in protecting lake water quality and how to protect ecologically significant properties for the future.

Windfall Ecology Festival, June 11-12 in Newmarket: we bring together information on clean energy, home energy & water conservation, hybrid & electric vehicles, health and wellness, options for healthier lifestyles with sampling of local foods and so much more. If it’s good for you, your family and the environment it will be here.

2nd Annual Golf Tournament hosted by Ontario Association Sewage Industry Services, info here. Join us on June 17th at 1:00pm. The golf tournament will be at Listowel Golf and Country Club in Listowel, Ontario

Children's Water Festival Season has just passed... check to see if one is close to your. Consider volunteering or becoming a sponsor to support children experiencing a day of water!

FREE workshop: Puppy powered gardens at REEP Waterloo Region Green Solutions. Half of all households in Waterloo Region care for a pet, which means a lot of pet waste. If dealt with poorly, pet waste can contaminate waterways and burden our landfills. Find out how to turn your pet droppings into a valuable garden resource and take care of the planet at the same time!

Provincial Happenings:

Every time it rains...a host of bacteria, chemicals, fuels and heavy metals wash off our lawns, driveways, sidewalks and streets, running straight into lakes and rivers via the underground storm sewer system making them hazardous for swimming and aquatic life. Learn more about an ecological approach for stormwater management on your property.

The Ontario Water Resources Act is designed to conserve, protect and manage Ontario's water resources for efficient and sustainable use. The act focuses on both groundwater and surface water throughout the province.

The new Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence recognizes outstanding achievement, leadership and innovation in environmental protection. This year, the Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence will focus on environmental achievement in two areas: toxics reduction & water protection and conservation. Results from submissions will come in June 2011.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment has release a series of technical bulletins to help well owners understand their roles and responsibilities with their primary source of drinking water.

National Happenings:

Survey results now available: 4th annual Canadian Water Attitudes Study released by RBC and Unilever. We discovered that while Canadians continue to say that water is the country’s most precious resource, their actions indicate that they take water for granted. 

Canadian Water Summit registration is now open. Summit takes place in Toronto June 14, 2011. How can we satisfy our thirst for water and make the most of our liquid assets? Discover opportunities for innovation, strategic collaboration and proactive intervention to design solutions for a sustainable water future.

Well Aware will be presenting at the 64th CWRA annual conference in Newfoundland. The Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) is a national organization of individuals and organizations from the public, private and academic sectors that are committed to raising awareness of the value of water and to promoting responsible and effective water resource management in Canada.

World Ocean's Day June 8, what will you do?

At Water Canada, we’re looking at things a bit differently. Every day, we hear stories about our country’s energized leaders, innovative technologies, quality research, and unique solutions for water challenges. It’s refreshing news, and we wanted to share it with you. The result is Water’s Next, a collection of incredible achievements.