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For the past 2 years, this newsletter has focused on industry, local, privincial, national and internation happens. After this newsletter, the focus will be directed to rural well owners. The Water Table will include valuable information to help well owners maintain their well while protecting our shared resource.

Please share this newsletter with your current/past customers, local partners, and those who would benefit from receiving this information.

It will be circulated bi-monthly. If you would like to provide content for the Water Table, please contact Heather Kirby, Well Aware Program Manager.


Water is the basis of life and the blue arteries of the earth! Everything in the non-marine environment depends on freshwater to survive.
Sandra Postel, Global Water Policy Project,Grist Magazine 26 Apr 04


Water Happenings

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Well Aware is recognized!


"This award recognizes home-grown environmental achievement here in Ontario. Commitments to environmental excellence benefit all of us today and for future generations. This award showcases the commitment and innovation that make Ontario an environmental leader internationally," said Ontario Environment Minister, John Wilkinson.


The A.D. Latornell Conservation Symposium is one of Ontario's premier annual environmental events. It provides a forum for practitioners, policy makers, nongovernment organizations, academics and businesses to network and discuss the challenges and opportunities in Ontarios conservation field. latornell header
canwell Exhibitors and delegates welcome!


Don't miss out on the fun on May 21-26, 2012!

Thursday Lunch followed by afternoon Trade Show, Wine & Cheese Hospitality during Trade Show, Charity Golf Tournament as a fundraiser for Lifewater Canada, Winery Tour in the Niagara Region (Location TBA), Dinner with Prizes, Friday President's Banquet at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum


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If you have ever experienced this on a regular basis, you should ASK AN EXPERT!

The Canadian Water Quality Association can help you determine what can help you out.

We want to share our successes with you!

Click here to access our 2010 annual report.

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Training for Well Technicians in Ontario.

Ontario Regulation 903 requires successful completion of mandatory training for new well technicians and mandatory continuing education for licensed well technicians. All courses are Director Approved, O.Reg. 903, OWRA.


Read the Well Aware article in Groundwater Canada: Spreading Well Awareness - Educated well owners make a drillers job easier. Groundwater canada logo


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