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I found the Well Aware guided self-assessment to be a great educational experience. I learned how to properly maintain my well and septic, and identify areas that threaten the quality of my drinking water. The information and resources are very informative and provide solutions to help maintain a properly functioning well.

Rick Johnson, MPP
Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock

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Home Visits

Well Aware home visits, conducted by trained Water Advisor, help rural well owners identify priorities for action to protect their drinking water source. The visits, which are voluntary, confidential, and non-regulatory, guide you through a self-assessment to help identify and address potential risks to their well water.

What will I gain?

Helping you assess your well, at your well

By working through this process together, it offers well owners an excellent opportunity to make a few simple changes that can have a huge impact on their water quality. It gives you practical ideas on maintaining a healthy well, septic system, and minimizing other sources of contamination.

The visit includes recommendations on well maintenance and possible upgrading, properly sealing unused wells, water conservation, yard naturalization and septic system best management.

Your advisor can provide solutions to individual concerns and troubleshoot specific well and septic problems. They will also help you understand when and why you should contact a licensed well contractor for repairs or upgrading.

Trained Experts

Your advisor trains annually as an ideal well owner. They are confident in current best management practices.

Your advisor is not an inspector, contractor, an authority, or government official.

Your advisor is your peer and source of information.

Are these experts close to me?

The program is delivered by 12 not for profit organizations that service more than 22 townships or municipalities. Check here to see who may deliver this free home visit program in your area.

Let Us Know What You Think

If you've had a Well Aware Guided Self-Assessment, please take a moment to contact us with your comments.